At the Data Science Collaborative (DS Collab for short), our goal is to make data science accessible for everyone. We are dedicated to providing accessible resources and services through one-on-one mentorships, career check-ins, study halls, foundational project workshops, and most importantly, a community full of like-minded people. We promise a deliverable that will be presented at our year-end showcase featuring guest lecturers and industry employers. Join us today to develop your passion in the world of statistics!

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A photo of our 2022-2023 Final Project Showcase
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Hard Work at Our 2023 Final Showcase!
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Hard Work at Our 2023 Final Showcase!


Upcoming Events

Event Date/Time Location
Panda Express Fundraiser May 6, 2024; 12-5pm UCEN
Project Showcase Run Through May 20, 2024; 4-8pm TBD
Project Showcase May 30, 2024; 4-8pm TBD